Even though Summer Camp 2021 ended July 31st, the goal of the Reach Academy Summer Camp is to produce youth that are Happy, Healthy and ready to lead in this world. This will be accomplished through the following the Reach Academy 5 Core Elements: 

1.Reach Biblical World View Training

2.Reach Outrageous Activities Rotation R.O.A.R.

3.Reach Kids Mentoring Program 

4.Reach Awards and Token Incentive Program 

5.Reach Academy Fun, Dynamic, Atmosphere, Culture and Weekly Themes

We are pleased to announce the 2021 Summer weekly themes are as follows:

  • Week 1 - Under the Sea
  • Week 2 - Olympics/Sports
  • Week 3 - Outer Space  
  • Week 4 - Cultures Around the World 
  • Week 5 - Super Hero 
  • Week 6 - Time Travel - Exploring the Past and the Future
  • Week 7 - Coming to the STAGE- Drama and self-Expression
  • Week 8 - Animal Kingdom
  • Week 9 - This Awesome Planet