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Our daughter, Brenae was enrolled and thriving in a Christian private school in New Jersey.  We recently moved back to Dallas from New Jersey, and enrolled her in a public school.  We noticed she wasn’t as engaged, she seemed to be bored and not challenged in school.

We learned about Reach Academy through friends.  We research the academic program, but we couldn’t afford tuition in addition to the cost of daycare.  On top of that, we are making radical changes to our spending to overcome the debt that has been hovering over our heads for 12 years, we just didn’t have the extra money.

During the summer of 2022, we needed to find a daycare for Brenae.  First, we had her attend a local daycare and Brenae was not a fan, she complained of watching TV all day, and taking long naps.  It is important to us that Brenae is intellectually and spiritually stimulated so we looked into Reach Academy to determine if we could afford the tuition.   Although, a bit of a stretch, financially, God provided a way for us to send Brenae. What a great difference that made! 

Although Brenae’s most praised aspect of Reach Academy was the pancakes on a stick by Pastor Rice, we also knew she was learning from an excellent academic program, learning about Jesus and she was thriving.  

We grappled with the idea of enrolling her at Reach Academy for the school year but after pouring over our financials, we saw no wiggle room.   My husband asked, “what do we do?”. I simply said, “Let’s be honest and see what happens.”.

I spoke to Mrs. Rice one day and she told me all about the Reach curriculum.  I plainly told her; we don’t have extra money for tuition.  She said, “Just fill out the scholarship, and God will provide.” I have heard “God provides” many times and, He does provide.  The next day, Mrs. Rice called me back and said that someone is donating Brenae’s scholarship - in full.  I am at work, sitting outside in disbelief.  I think Mrs. Rice said, “I told you God would provide.”


It has almost been a full semester since Brenae started at Reach.  I know she is being challenged.  Some days she comes home frustrated because the work was a bit beyond her current knowledge.  I know she is learning because she is constantly reading anything and everything and is sharing her math skills with us.  Brenae is also asking a lot of questions about what we believe as Christians. She is keeping us, as parents, on our toes.

We are grateful to Reach Academy, Mrs. Rice, Principal Jones and all the staff.  Brenae is thriving, that means a lot to us.  Without the scholarship, we would not have been able to give Brenae the educational experience she is getting right now.  

Angela Collier