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The Name You Can Trust for Biblical Worldview Curriculum

For over 50 years, Summit has provided biblical worldview training for young people. Summit believes it is critically important to teach the rising generation of children and teens to understand the times with God’s Word as their guide. The integration of a biblical worldview into all aspects of life and learning provides the foundation of wisdom and knowledge for today’s unique challenges.

With its deep commitment to Christian education, Summit unveils their new curriculum revisions with their most beloved worldview materials. And Summit is also launching new resources for Christian teachers and educators in the fields of worldview and mentoring.

Summit has invested in the finest educators, teachers, editors, and illustrators to provide the highest quality revised and up-to-date biblical worldview resources available today. Join us as we equip teachers to integrate the Bible into all areas of our students’ hearts and minds!

High School

Understanding the Times 

For over 50 years, Summit has provided an unparalleled, dynamic worldview educational experience for high school. The newly revised and updated Understanding the Times curriculum series outlines the differences between Christianity and the other prominent worldviews vying for allegiance in Western culture: Islam, Postmodernism, Secularism, Marxism, and New Spirituality. In a time when more than half of all Christians lose their faith in college, no other curriculum so effectively prepares students to defend God’s Word and a Christian worldview against the others vying for the heart of young believers. Summit has invested to provide you with the latest resources and digital revisions to make Understanding the Times the most dynamic worldview experience available today.

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Middle School


Lightbearers walks students through life’s “big questions,” comparing the biblical worldview to other major worldviews of today. Whether they are continuing their education in a Christian school or moving to a secular high school, this powerful course provides middle schoolers with the solid biblical foundation they need to stand firm in their faith. Summit is revising and updating the many integral videos and content that make Lightbearers so interesting, fun, and relevant for students.

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Elementary School

Building on the Rock 

Building on the Rock lays the groundwork for worldview education for the youngest students. This innovative elementary school curriculum is the first truly integrated biblical worldview and Bible survey course. Students learn the Bible through the worldview perspective of creation, fall, and redemption, while learning to view the world through the distinct relationships God created: our relationship with the Creator, with each other, with ourselves, and with his creation. Summit is beginning an exciting new revision of Building on the Rock, making the curricula easier than ever to teach, and the student lessons bright, colorful, and fun, crafted for all learning styles

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